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A classic form of communication…

Brochures still have a role to play in our increasingly digital world. Not just as online PDFs but also, when the audience and objectives call for it, in print. This classic form of communication allows you to put your story into people’s hands and, in turn, allows people to take in your story at their own pace – returning to it as and when and as many times as they like.

I’ve written hundreds of brochures over the years for many different clients. Here are extracts from three of my favourites…

  1. Cadbury’s corporate brochure
  2. CPBE Capital’s credentials brochure
  3. BP Helios Awards

1 Cadbury’s corporate brochure

Winner of best corporate publication in the 2008 Corporate Communications Awards…








Come and get a real taste of Cadbury. Who we are, why we’re different and what we’re doing to achieve our vision of being not just the biggest but also the best confectionery company in the world. Where to start? Well, we create chocolate, gum and candy brands people love — brands like Cadbury Dairy Milk, Trident and Halls. So, let’s start there…

Delicious chocolate brands
We love chocolate. It’s been a big part of our lives since our earliest days. When John Cadbury started his business way back in 1824, did he realise he was laying the foundations for one of the world’s great chocolate companies? We don’t know for sure. But what we do know is that today, for many people around the world, only Cadbury chocolate will do.

A glass and a half hero
Cadbury Dairy Milk is at the heart of our success, Loved by millions of people in over 30 countries around the world, it generates around £500 million of sales each year And no matter where in the world Cadbury Dairy Milk is enjoyed, there’s always a glass and a half of fresh, natural milk in every half pound.

It is the hero of our chocolate portfolio and was a hit from when it was created back in 1905. It has helped ensure Cadbury is a brand people love from Canada to Cairo. For example, we have been voted the most trusted brand by consumers in Australia and New Zealand for the last four years.

In Poland, where our main chocolate brand is Wedel, our chocolate is also a national hero. Wedel is Poland’s biggest confectionery brand and was the country’s original chocolate. Today it still retains its unique recipe, including local favourite Ptasie Mleczko (meaning Bird’s Milk).

Refreshing gum brands
Gum is the fastest growing confectionery on earth. Whether to freshen breath, strengthen teeth, as an ideal diet-conscious snack, or just for the pleasure of chewing – its popularity is on the up and up. We’re at the heart of this chewy world, with Trident, the world’s biggest chewing gum brand; Bubbaloo, one of the world’s biggest bubblegum brands; Dentyne, a leading `intense’ gum brand; Chiclets, the original gum in many places; and local leaders such as Clorets in Mexico and Japan, Hollywood in France and Stimorol and Dirol in Northern Europe, Russia and South Africa.

Flavour and functionality
Trident is now the world’s biggest gum brand — and it’s still growing fast. It has doubled in size since we acquired it in 2003. Trident was one of the world’s first sugar free gums, marketed as ‘the great taste that is good for your teeth’. It was also the first gum in space — enjoyed by astronauts on the 1964 Gemini space flights.

Today Trident continues to offer outstanding functionality — our most recent oral care innovation is Trident Xtracare, which strengthens teeth through the patented power of Recaldent, But we’ve also taken taste to a new level through innovative formats such as our centre-filled gum and more indulgent and longer-lasting flavours, including Strawberry-Lime and Watermelon-Mint. Gum never tasted so good.

Uplifting candy brands
From soft fruity jellies to hard-boiled sweeties, from cough drops to caramels – there are many different members of the candy family. Candy represents over 30% of the global confectionery market, And we’re the leading player.

The world’s biggest breath of fresh air
Halls is the world’s biggest candy brand. Its famous Mentho-Lyptus formula was invented in the 1930s and the distinctive Halls cough drops began to go on sale soon after.

The secret to Halls’ success lies in its uplifting combination of functionality and refreshment.

In cooler climes, Halls soothes coughs and colds; in sunnier spots, it’s a refreshing and revitalising candy. All around the world though, consumers agree that Halls’ distinctive cooling sensation is like taking a deep breath of fresh air — it soothes and invigorates so you’re ready for what’s next.

2 CPBE Capital’s credentials brochure

Distilling CPBE Capital’s distinctively no-nonsense approach to private equity… 

Let’s be very clear about the ‘magic’ of private equity. You just need to back good management.
John Snook, Managing Partner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


If you want to lead a management buy-out, the key question is who do you join forces with?

Ideally you want to work with a like-minded firm willing and able to back you all the way.

We invest in mid-market management buy-outs where the quality of the team running the business is everything.

We back teams with big ambitions for their business and the drive and commitment to realise them.

We bring not only finance but also financial expertise to the table. We take a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to supporting businesses from buy-out to exit. And we make sure we are on your wavelength.

If we sound like your kind of people, read on.

With Close, you really know what you’re getting.
Management team

We believe that there’s too much at stake for all concerned to be anything other than straightforward.

That way, the management teams we back know where they stand, what’s expected of them and what they can expect in return.

We provide clear support and encouragement throughout the partnership. Our working relationships are consistently open, balanced and straight-talking because we know this results in good management teams building great businesses.

We’re a supportive but not an intrusive investor.
We don’t run the business – the management does.

Simon Wildig, Partner

When we back a management team the last thing we want to do is their job.

The team is in the driving seat of the business – they are the ones setting the direction and executing the plan. We’re there to be a sounding board and to endorse their ideas.

That’s not to say we play a passive role, just a particular one. We make sure we get to know our portfolio companies inside out – in order to provide a deeper, more informed level of support, not to start interfering in the running of them. The teams we work with value this style of partnership.

To engage intelligently with management on business fundamentals, it helps to be an experienced all-rounder.
Neil Murphy, Partner

We are as committed as management to increasing the strength and success of our portfolio companies.

We understand that businesses are rarely built in neat and tidy steps, which is why we take an open-minded and supportive approach to backing individual management teams, rather than following a formula. It’s not about easing off the pressure. On the contrary, it’s about empowering dynamic management to deliver greater results.

3 BP Helios Awards

Celebrating the efforts of BP’s people around the world…

Human energy

Celebrating the people and values of BP
Every year through the Helios Awards, we recognize and celebrate the great things our people and partners do around the world every day. Our products and services contribute to a better quality of life for many people in the world – they provide the freedom to move, to heat, to see. Our values guide us to achieve our business goals in a responsible manner and through constructive engagement with others to create opportunities for mutual progress. This book features 22 outstanding examples of putting our values into action, selected from 1778 submissions for this year’s awards. These stories demonstrate just how much we can achieve by living our brand throughout our operations.

PRODEEM Brazil – Renewable energy supply to rural schools
By bringing solar power to schools, we are helping to transform the lives of 440,000 villagers and 70,000 children in some of the poorest and remotest regions of Brazil.

In the remote regions of northeastern Brazil, home to nearly half the country’s rural population, 58,000 schools have no reliable source of electricity. The cost of connecting them to the power grid is uneconomic. Through the PRODEEM program, Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) has focused on supplying solar power systems to these schools to provide clean and renewable energy for lighting, computers and multimedia technology.

The program’s first four phases had gone less than well. For phase five, MME sought a turnkey solution. The tender called for the supply and installation of 1,852 solar power systems across 2.3m km² of some of the world’s toughest terrain. BP Solar won the tender and delivered the systems on time, to consistent quality and with zero accidents – setting new standards for PRODEEM and boosting MME’s confidence in the program.

To help local manufacturers improve quality and services, the team sourced most of the materials from them and offered workshops to increase their skills in solar technology installation and operation. Batteries were sourced locally and a product stewardship program was established to minimise environmental damage by recycling spent batteries.

At a cost of $29 per child per year, BP has supplied the critical power infrastructure to enable the latest educational techniques to be used in some of the poorest and remotest regions of Brazil. For the first time, 440,000 villagers and 70,000 children have a clean, renewable and free source of energy in their schools – energy that will transform their lives.

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