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From brand guidelines sites for authorised eyes only to the Ingenious site for all the world to see, I have worked on a great number of websites over the years, including:


I helped structure and edit for the Science Museum Group. This award-winning site brings together images and viewpoints to create insights into science and culture for everyone. As part of the project, I also came up with the tagline for Ingenious: seeing things differently. Indeed!


I structured and wrote BearingPoint’s core brand story. Conceived as an ongoing journey, it takes you from the firm’s creation through its core purpose and culture and on into the future. The project included interviewing senior partners to get their own particular take on the story and working with designers to help them visualise the story. We produced the story as a limited edition hardback book and as an interactive online journey.

Greater London Authority

I led a team of writers charged with editing the bulk of the content for the relaunch of – the online home of the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority (GLA). The people at the heart of running the best big city in the world now have a great web presence.

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